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Split by TurquoiseThought Split by TurquoiseThought
Have you ever felt that your heart wants to go in two directions? 
That you see many ways to go but are hesitant to choose only one?
I quess you have to sometimes look to other direcions so you can find the one path that is for you.

 When I got this idea I had a huge plast of inspiration and I just wanted to draw it out.Inspiration
 This is my first actual drawing I have made with Krita and I'm quite happy with the results. There's still many things that I have to learn. I tested many brushies in this one and in the background they seem to work all right. I'm also happy that the woman's head didn't end up being an anatomical disaster. Yeah, it's not 100% realistic anatomy but it's what I can do. Also, I have no idea who this woman is because she doesn't have any backround nor personality. I am a dummy!  I just made up something. I might use this desing again though I'm not really sure. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
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December 26, 2017
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